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Colorful illustration of bacteria and cosmetic bottles generated by ChatGPT with DALL·E from OpenAI

Beauty, Bacteria, and Beyond: Naturally derived cosmetic preservatives.

Explore the crucial role of preservatives in cosmetics. Learn about their mechanisms, the dangers of bacteria and fungi, the emergence of natural alternatives like Lactobacillus Ferment, and the im...

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Painted illustration of a messy college student's desk.

Your Ultimate College Guide to Living Green and Stress-Free

Learn how to reduce waste, support small businesses, and prioritize wellness for a greener future.

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Aluminum vs. Plastic Packaging

Aluminum vs. Plastic Packaging

Aluminum is a more sustainable packaging material than plastic. It’s infinitely recyclable, requires less energy and water to produce, and is more durable.

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Close up of Pure Olive Oil Soap and Flowers

The Gentlest Soap: Pure Olive Oil

Our first try at making soap was 10 years ago. Since then the formula hasn't changed but we have.

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