Toners not only help remove traces of dirt left behind after cleansing but also balance and prep the skin for use of serums or moisturizers. Our formula uses rosewater which is high in vitamin A and vitamin C which can help repair light skin damage over time. Additionally, witch hazel can help relieve irritated skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. The gorgeous rose scent and refreshing feeling after using this toner are just a bonus as far as we're concerned. 

Net Wt: 4 fl oz (120 ml)

  • distilled water
  • rosewater
  • witch hazel
  • vegetable glycerine
  • lactobacillus
How To Use

After cleansing, hold spray nozzle at least six inches from face and spritz a few times to lightly dampen skin. For bottles with no spray nozzle, simply dampen a reusable cotton pad and lightly sweep across skin. Follow up with our Face Oil or Face Cream for the ultimate skin pampering. 


Green glass bottle. "Regular" comes with plastic pump. "Refill" comes with black aluminum lid. 


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