A Kit For The Beard

$49 $54

What's Inside:

  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Oil
  • Shampoo

Say goodbye to stiff whiskers and flaky skin.

You’ve grown a beard, but is it as glorious as it could be? If your bristles are prickly and your skin is dry and itchy this Kit For The Beard is just what you need!

Made with the most moisturizing oils and butters and scented with a fresh, woodsy, pine essential oil.

Start by cleaning your beard with this specially formulated bar of beard shampoo. It will gently clean without washing away your natural oils, and you can use it to wash the hair on your head as well.

Now for the real pampering: rub a few drops of Beard Oil into your scruff and work it all the way up to your chin. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin smooth and your beard soft and supple.

To tame and style your whiskers, warm a little Evergreen Beard Balm in your hands, and massage it into your beard for light hold and deep conditioning. Your beard will soon be soft, shiny, and kissable!

This kit is the perfect gift for any dads who have a beard or mustache.

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