A Kit For The Blade

$59 $66

What's Inside:

  • Aftershave Tonic
  • Aftershave Balm
  • Preshave Oil
  • Shaving Puck

Turn shaving into one of the highlights of your day.

Shaving shouldn’t be a chore, and with this Kit For The Blade, it may just become the most enjoyable part of your morning routine!

The Pine scent is a woodsy blend of essential oils that is fresh and masculine without being overpowering.

Start by rubbing a little Pre-Shave oil on your face to soften the hairs and give you good razor slip.

Then use a shaving brush on the Shaving Soap to work up a luxurious, foamy lather. If you don’t have a brush you can just rub the soap directly onto your face; you won’t get as much lather, but it will still give you a smooth shave.

Once you’ve finished shaving, splash a little refreshing Aftershave Tonic on your face to close your pores and tone your skin. Finish up the shaving experience with the Aftershave Balm to soothe and keep your face moisturized all day. 

This kit is a great gift for anyone who shaves, whether he’s your teenager, partner, or dad!

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