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Article: The Gentlest Soap: Pure Olive Oil

Close up of Pure Olive Oil Soap and Flowers

The Gentlest Soap: Pure Olive Oil

Featured Product: PURE OLIVE OIL SOAP

This gentle soap was the first soap that Marit made in our kitchen way back in 2013

(Remember when we all used instagram borders and filters?!)

Soap making supplies spread on a kitchen counter with an old fashioned instagram filter.

10 years later, the formula hasn't changed one bit!

What we were doing in a milk carton in 2013, we do in a 15 gallon heated tank and custom HDPE molds.

Those first batches made about 10 soaps, now we're making batches of 200.

A man's hand holding a white bar of soap.

The formula is a simple 6% super fatted combination of Pure Olive Oil, Water, & Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) The water is used to disperse the very alkaline lye evenly into the slightly acidic olive oil which kicks off the saponification process.

After the soap heats itself up (saponification is an exothermic process), it begins to thicken and we pour it into our molds.

We let it solidify for 3 or 4 days then cut the large bocks into bars which cure for a minimum of 6 weeks in our soap curing room.

During curing all of the water evaporates out of the soap leaving a hard but creamy bar. We shave the edges, box them up, and send them off to you!

Catalog photo of Pure Olive Oil Soap and it's box.

We try to keep things simple around here and this soap is as simple as it gets. After 10 years, it's still our favorite to make.

We're a small business and make everything ourselves so if you ever have any questions about any of our products, just ask.


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