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Cast Iron Conditioner

Sale price$19.00

Cast iron conditioner is the best way to clean, protect, and season your cast iron cookware. We recommend using it on your cast iron pans, skillets, crepe pans, Dutch ovens, garlic roasters, griddles, and grill grates.

This conditioner helps you ensure your cast iron cookware will be a cornerstone of your family's kitchen for generations. The best part is that Lovett Sundries makes it with all-natural oils and sea salt so that you can feel good about your cooking. It's truly the best way to create a natural, non-stick surface.

Whether you're new to cooking with cast iron or an experienced chef, know that Lovett Sundries makes the cleaning and seasoning process a cinch. We do this all while keeping chemicals out of the equation!

To make for an even easier cleaning process, make sure you check out our plastic-free, hardwood cast iron scraper. You can also look at our cast iron seasoning oil for occasional re-seasoning.

    Net Wt: 21.6 oz (600g)

    A jar of cast iron conditioner in front of several flowers and plants.
    Cast Iron Conditioner Sale price$19.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    the best cleaner!

    Like other reviewers, I'd tried a variety of methods to clean my cast iron and carbon steel pots and pans, and none of them seemed that great. It had gotten to the point where I avoided using that cookware at all because it was such a pain to wash. Then we got an induction cooktop, and our other pots didn't work at all anymore. Luckily, the Milk Street recommendation for Lovett's cast iron conditioner saved the day because this stuff is amazing. It's turned my carbon steel frying pan into my absolute favorite piece of cookware, and I'm excited to gift this to my dad, my son, and anyone else who regularly cooks with cast iron.

    Hi Michelle, We were so honored to be mentioned by Christopher Kimball / Milk Street. Thanks for taking the time to give our Cast Iron Conditioner a try!

    Wonderful stuff!

    Cast iron skillet with baked on crud. Used this 3 times, and it’s already MUCH better, and the ease of use means it now lives on our sink. Worked beautifully on our big griddle, too, that had scratch marks from improper cleaning

    Great Cast Iron Product

    I found this product to work wonderfully! Cleaned and conditioned my skillet with ease. I will continue to use this product every time I use my skillet.

    Hi Virgil. Thank you for taking the time to share!

    Newton White
    Finally a conditioner that works for me.

    After watching many YouTube videos and testing as many cast iron renewal methods, I found C. Kimball’s shoutout for this product. I’ve had it a week and restored both my cast iron heirloom pan and a carbon steel pan. Kudos to Lovett Sundries for a product that works!

    Hi Newton, Thank you for taking the time to write. We were so honored to receive Christopher Kimball's praise. I'm so glad you're loving it too!

    Rosemary Wuenschel
    Best product for cast iron and carbon steel pans

    I tried chain mail, I tried kosher salt, but this is the product that finally reconditioned my cast iron and carbon steel pans and now I will use it regularly to keep them in shape. The salt is the best size and coarseness and the oils help stabilize the salt to focus on concentrated areas. I still added my own oil for the reseasoning because there was no oil left after all my scrubbing (these pans were so neglected!) now they are in perfect condition! Thank you from a fellow Pennsylvanian! Keep up the great work!!

    Hi Rosemary! Thank you for taking the time to write. To this day I am amazed at how effective the coarse salt scrubs our pans. I'm so glad it's working for you as well.