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Tati holding all natural vegan soaking salts and a rose.

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All natural evergreen scented aftershave balmA tin of all natural aftershave balm with a finger scooping some out to use.
Aftershave Balm Sale price$16.00
All natural peppermint rosemary scented aftershave tonic in a frosted glass bottle.Aftershave Tonic
Aftershave Tonic Sale price$18.00
All natural antioxidant rich rose scented face oil in a green glass jar with a dropper. Kari dripping all natural face oil back into the bottle.
Tin of all natural conditioning and styling evergreen scented beard balm.Beard Balm
Beard Balm Sale price$18.00
All natural hydrating evergreen scented beard oil in a brown glass bottle with a dropper. John applies a vial of Beard Oil directly to the whiskers on his cheek.
Beard Oil Sale price$28.00
A pumice soap bara pumice soap bar on top of flowers.
Cast iron conditioner for seasoning, cleaning, and protecting cast iron cookware in a glass jar. A jar of cast iron conditioner in front of several flowers and plants.
All natural hardwood scraper for cleaning cast iron cookware and envelope with pan shaped label. Hardwood cast iron scraper in pan with a jar of cast iron conditioner and skillets on a wooden kitchen counter.
Cast Iron Scraper Sale price$20.00
All natural cast iron seasoning oils for seasoning and protecting cast iron cookware in a glass jar.A glass jar of cast iron seasoning oil in a bed of flowers and vegetables on a kitchen counter.
Cast Iron Seasoning Oil Sale price$15.00
a package with a charcoal soap bar in it.Jeff washing up with an all natural zero-waste charcoal bar soap.
All natural refreshing bergamot scented cooling mist in a blue glass bottle with a sprayer. Marit spritzing all natural cooling mist on her neck on a hot day.
Cooling Mist Sale price$14.00
Metal tin of all natural unscented cream pomade for conditioning and styling hair. John working an all natural zero waste styling cream pomade through his hair.
Cream Pomade Sale price$16.00
All natural cutting board conditioning oils in a recyclable amber glass jar with metal lid. Lovett Sundries' cutting board conditioner (butcher block oil)
All Natural aluminum free evergreen scented deodorant stickStephanie using an all natural deodorant in a recyclable paper tube.
Deodorant Sale price$14.00
All natural phosphate free dishwasher powder in a recyclable aluminum tin and kraft paper refill bag. A tin of unscented all-natural dishwasher detergent powder.
Dishwasher Powder Sale priceFrom $10.00
Dry ShampooSteph tapping some dry shampoo into her hand from a zero-waste glass bottle.
Dry Shampoo Sale priceFrom $14.00
Open tin of creamy all natural hydrating lavender scented hand and body cream. Kari applying All Natural Hand & Body Cream to her hands.
Hand & Body Cream Sale priceFrom $12.00
All natural deet free insect repellent in a recyclable aluminum bottle with a spray cap. Marit spraying an all natural essential oil based insect repellent on a buggy afternoon.
Insect Repellent Sale price$15.00
All natural phosphate free laundry soap in a recyclable aluminum tin and kraft paper bag. natural laundry soap in a tin with laundry and flowers in the background.
Laundry Soap Sale priceFrom $10.00
All natural leather balm that protects and conditions leather in a recyclable aluminum tin. Unscented All-Natural Leather Balm in tin
Leather Balm Sale price$16.00
All natural lavender scented lip balm in a recyclable tin. John using some all natural peppermint lip balm in a zero waste tin.
Lip Balm Sale price$8.00
Lip TintSteph applying an all natural zero-waste lip tint.
Lip Tint Sale price$8.00
Lovett Sundries Digital Gift Card
Lovett Sundries Physical Gift Card
Mechanic's Soap in a box.Bar of gardener's soap.
All-Natural Shampoo BarMarit washing her hair with all natural shampoo bar.
Lovett Sundries organic body oil in a green bottle with dropper.Organic Body Oil
Organic Body Oil Sale price$32.00
Pure olive oil soap bar in a biodegradable paper container.Marit washing her hands with an all natural zero waste Pure Olive Oil Soap in a vintage white sink.
All natrual essential oil based jasmine rose scented room & linen spray in a recyclable aluminum bottle with a spray top. Lavender room & linen spray with flowers and towels in the background.
All natural cleansing and renewing rose water toner in a green glass bottle with a spray top. Kari spritzing her face with an all natural rosewater toner in a zerowaste glass bottle.
Rose Water Toner Sale price$18.00
Save $5.00Rosewater Care
Rosewater Care Sale price$43.00 Regular price$48.00
All natural creamy lightweight and nourishing Rosewater Face Cream in a glass jar.Rosewater Face Cream
Exfoliating and moisturizing orange blossom scented all natural salt scrub. women smelling lavender salt scrub.
Salt Scrub Sale price$18.00
All natural moisturizing and protective evergreen scented shave oil in a green glass bottle with a dropper. Man removing a glass dropper from a green bottle of Shaving Oil before shaving.
Shave Oil Sale price$16.00
All natural good lathering peppermint rosemary shaving soapscented shaving soap in a recyclable aluminum tin.Shaving Soap
Shaving Soap Sale priceFrom $12.00
Recyclable glass jar filled with a mix of 6 all natural shower steamers.Recyclable glass jar filled with 6 lemongrass scented all natural shower steamers.
Shower Steamer Sale price$30.00
Rose scented all natural calming and luxurious bath soaking salts in a recyclable glass jar. Two hands holding rose essential oil scented bath soaking salts with a red rose.
Soaking Salts Sale priceFrom $26.00
Peppermint Rosemary scented all natural lightly hydrating solid conditioner bar in a recyclable paper box. A woman with blonde hair and a bare shoulderholding up an all natural solid conditioner bar.
All natural zero waste solid dish soap in a recyclable aluminum tin. All Natural Dish Soap with a brush in front of vintage teal tea cups and flowers.
Solid Dish Soap Sale priceFrom $12.00
All natural intensly hydrating solid lotion bar in a recyclable metal tin. A person using a solid lotion bar on their arm.
Solid Lotion Bar Sale price$12.00
All natural unscented zero waste tattoo balm that heals and protects in a recyclable aluminum tin. Kari applying all natural tattoo balm to her rabbit tattoo.
Tattoo Balm Sale price$11.00
All natural unscented texturizing salt hair spray for voume and hold in a recyclable aluminum bottle with a spray top. Steph spritzing all natural texturizing salt spray in her curly hair from a zerowaste bottle.