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Take Care of Dad

Healthy & Handsome

Hand Crafted for Clean Living

Beauty From Nature

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We promise that Plastic Free, All Natural, Cruelty-Free, and Recyclable are just the beginning.

We are committed to bringing you a hand-made sustainable option for your personal care and household cleaning needs. We are driven by the values of simplicity, honesty, and cleanliness.

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real people making real things

hand crafted for clean living

At Lovett Sundries, we are excited about making your everyday routine special with our finely crafted apothecary stock. Handmade, all natural, & zero waste are the ideas that guide our business. We carry a full line of personal care, beauty, grooming, kitchen and cleaning products that can be savored and enjoyed with pride in knowing that you are supporting real people making real things.

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Product & Ingredient Features

Beard Care 101: From Fresh Shave to Full Beard

Beard Care 101: From Fresh Shave to Full Beard

Growing a beard simply takes time and a little effort. With the right regimen, you’ll have your facial hair looking great, feeling soft, and growing healthy. In this article, Lovett Sundries, a pur...

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Willow & Sage Feature

Willow & Sage Feature

With all of its products made by hand and in small batches, Lovett Sundries, at its core, embraces functionality, simplicity, and honesty. They keep these values in mind with every recipe they deve...

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Colorful illustration of bacteria and cosmetic bottles generated by ChatGPT with DALL·E from OpenAI

Beauty, Bacteria, and Beyond: Naturally derived cosmetic preservatives.

Explore the crucial role of preservatives in cosmetics. Learn about their mechanisms, the dangers of bacteria and fungi, the emergence of natural alternatives like Lactobacillus Ferment, and the im...

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