Reduce Reuse Recycle

Zero Waste Promise

We promise that Plastic Free, All Natural, Cruelty-Free, and Recyclable are just the beginning.

We are committed to bringing you a hand-made sustainable option for your personal care and household cleaning needs. We are driven by the values of simplicity, honesty, and cleanliness.

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Real people making real things

Hand Crafted for Clean Living

At Lovett Sundries, we are excited about making your everyday routine special with our finely crafted apothecary stock. Handmade, all natural, & zero waste are the ideas that guide our business. We carry a full line of personal care, beauty, grooming, kitchen and cleaning products that can be savored and enjoyed with pride in knowing that you are supporting real people making real things.


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You're naturally beautiful when you're beautifully natural.


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Whether you're shaving your whiskers or soothing your beard, we'll leave you looking your best.

Grooming + Beard

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Keeping your skin hydrated, not oily... glowing, not shiny... healthy not weathered is what we do best.

Creams + Balms

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Soaking and scrubbing are only the beginning. Be your best self in the bath.


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The perfect bar, all natural, fragrance free and full of lather.


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Don't just hit the highlights when you shave. Take your time and enjoy it from top to bottom.


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Be confident and stay fresh with all natural ingredients.


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Healthy hair doesn't have to be a 12 step process. Keep it natural & keep it simple.

Shampoo & Conditioner

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Whether you keep it tame or wild, all natural styling is the way to go.


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Home: It's more than shelter, it's a humble place for pride.


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Go ahead and get some dirt under your nails.


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Take a walk in the woods with us.


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Lovely lavender. It never disappoints.


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This citrusy essential oil really packs a punch.


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Refreshing & invigorating. All of these goodies will put a pep in your step.


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Roses are captivating all year long.


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Sometimes the best scent is no scent at all.


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The best place to browse.


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