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All-Natural Bath and Shower Products

Soaking and scrubbing are only the beginning. Be your best self in the bath.

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Exfoliating and moisturizing orange blossom scented all natural salt scrub. women smelling lavender salt scrub.
Salt Scrub Sale price$18.00
Rose scented all natural calming and luxurious bath soaking salts in a recyclable glass jar. Two hands holding rose essential oil scented bath soaking salts with a red rose.
Soaking Salts Sale priceFrom $26.00
All-Natural Shampoo BarMarit washing her hair with all natural shampoo bar.
Peppermint Rosemary scented all natural lightly hydrating solid conditioner bar in a recyclable paper box. A woman with blonde hair and a bare shoulderholding up an all natural solid conditioner bar.
Pure olive oil soap bar in a biodegradable paper container.Marit washing her hands with an all natural zero waste Pure Olive Oil Soap in a vintage white sink.
Mechanic's Soap in a box.Bar of gardener's soap.
a package with a charcoal soap bar in it.Jeff washing up with an all natural zero-waste charcoal bar soap.
A pumice soap bara pumice soap bar on top of flowers.
Recyclable glass jar filled with a mix of 6 all natural shower steamers.Recyclable glass jar filled with 6 lemongrass scented all natural shower steamers.
Shower Steamer Sale price$30.00