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Beard Oil

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Net Wt: 2.0 fl oz (59.1 ml)

Our all-natural beard oil nourishes, repairs, and hydrates your facial hair and skin. We handcraft each batch with high-quality, chemical-free oils that are packed with healthy fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals—basically, everything you need to keep your beard soft and healthy. We should mention, too, that we make all of our products right here in the heart of America, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

With a consistent beard care routine, the skin underneath your beard becomes hydrated and healthy. And, of course, healthy skin means no more beard itch, less dandruff, and significantly softer whiskers.

With the perfect blend of apricot and jojoba oil, you won’t have to worry about the greasy feeling you get from those big-box store beard oils. These oils are pressed from seeds that imitate natural body oils that nourish and hydrate skin and hair. Apricot and jojoba oils are especially great if you’re acne-prone or have sensitive skin.

If you’re a purist, you’ll like our classic Unscented natural beard oil. If you’re a minimalist who wants a natural scent, we suggest trying our Evergreen scent, which we’ve mixed in a fine blend of woody and rich essential oils. For those who want to put some pep in their step, our Peppermint Rosemary scent is fresh, earthy, and minty.

Keep pampering that perfect beard of yours by also checking out our beard balm. It conditions, softens, and styles your facial hair like nothing else out there.

John applies a vial of Beard Oil directly to the whiskers on his cheek.
Beard Oil Sale price$28.00

Customer Reviews

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Noticeably better!

The beard oil made my husband's scraggly beard noticeably softer and smoother. Even our 12-yo said it looks better! It seems to also treat the skin so it's less flaky. Love the sustainable packaging and the brand's ethics. Will definitely order again.

Hi Julia, Thanks so much for sharing! Everyone loves a soft & smooth beard!