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Face Oil is our go-to daily facial moisturizer with plant-based, nutrient-rich jojoba, apricot, rosehip, and sunflower oils that improve skin elasticity and smoothness. This blend of natural oils hydrate and relax skin, refining lines and moisturizing dry skin.

Working with natural skin sebum, Face Oil is non comedogenic, reinforcing skin with natural lipids and vitamins important to skin health without clogging pores.

Choose from lightly scented Rose with essential oil or keep it simple with our Unscented formula.

Net Wt: 2.0 fl oz (59.1 ml)



  • simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil)
  • prunus armeniaca kernel oil (apricot oil)
  • helianthus annuus (sunflower oil)
  • rosa canina (rosehip oil)


  • Unscented +
  • rosa damascena (rose oil)
How To Use

Use the glass dropper to distribute about a few drops of Face Oil directly onto freshly cleansed and toned face. Use fingertips to lightly smooth Face Oil over skin to apply, revealing a fresh, natural glow.

Avoid touching the tip of the dropper directly to skin which can contaminate the product. A half-vial of Face Oil for full-coverage is a good place to start, adjusting as needed depending on your skin needs.


Green glass bottle with plastic, rubber, and glass dropper.

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