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Insect Repellent

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Net Wt: 4.0 fl oz (120 ml)

Discover a chemical-free solution to keep bugs at bay with Lovett Sundries' natural insect repellent. This eco-conscious repellent is not only effective but also kind to the planet and its inhabitants.

We've field-tested our essential oil-based formula in the lush forests of Vermont and the rain-soaked wilds of Washington, proving its performance against pesky insects without resorting to the harsh chemicals found in DEET-based repellents.

Our blend combines the potent powers of lavender, lemon eucalyptus, cedarwood, rosemary, and neem oils, offering a delightful scent you may even want to wear when no bugs are around! We also use apricot oil, neutral spirits, and witch hazel to soothe and protect your skin, making our repellent a must-have for outdoor adventures.

Like all our products, this natural insect repellent is cruelty-free, all-natural, and handcrafted. We also have a refillable option without a plastic pump as part of Lovett Sundries' commitment to being zero-waste. If you enjoy our natural insect repellent, consider checking out our aluminum-free deodorant, charcoal soap facial bar, and dry shampoo.

Marit spraying an all natural essential oil based insect repellent on a buggy afternoon.
Insect Repellent Sale price$15.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gabrielle Marsden
Wetland Delineation work

I really get into the thick of it in SWPA and am happy to find a product that keeps all of the stinging biting critters at bay!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share and for trusting us to keep you safe and comfortable in the buggy wilds of Southwestern Pennsylvania!

Good stuff!

We love this insect repellent! Not only does it smell great, it works too! I gifted some to my parents as well and it's my dad's go-to insect repellent! Highly recommend! :D

Hi Sophie, thanks for recommending our Insect Repellent!

The best herbal insect repellant I’ve ever used

I spend a lot of time in the woods and have probably used just about every insect repellant on the market, both chemical and herbal. This is the best. It keeps the noseeums and black flies out of my eyes and holds the mosquitoes at bay. Hiking, blueberry picking and vegetable gardening have become infinitely more pleasant! I used to have to wear an insect net over my head in the garden, but with this spray, it isn’t necessary. The scent is really delightful, just as advertised.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! We're so glad it's working well for you.

Cindy M.
Love this spray!

I find myself reaching for this insect repellent so many times. Not only does it repel the insects while on our deck but also use it for tick repelling while walking in our woods. I also apply to my dogs and spray on their dog bedding whenever they go lay down after being in the outdoors for an extended amount of time. Spraying this on wall tiles in the kitchen deter ants from entering and just this weekend we sprayed an area that a persistent squirrel decided he wanted to chew on insulation under siding ! He has moved on!

Cora D.
Great for Casual Use, Not Enough for Northwoods

This spray has been great for casual use hanging out in a backyard, taking evening walks, and dining outside at night. Almost never do mosquitoes bite me when I wear this spray in these scenarios. However, I had the opportunity to put this spray to the ultimate test while hiking in the Wisconsin Northwoods right after a rain through uncut tall grass. The mosquitoes were so thick that we couldn't stand still for more than 10 seconds without being destroyed. The spray still helped, but it was not enough to completely stop the multitudes of mosquitoes. I sprayed it on myself as I walked along and it did fend off the mosquitoes momentarily after I sprayed it, but there were just too many to keep them all away for long. I probably get much fewer bites than I would have if I did not use any spray. I still highly prefer this spray over deet or other chemical spray and will definitely continue to use.