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Laundry Soap

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Net Wt. 1.5 lb (680g)

Experience the purity, simplicity, and efficacy of Lovett Sundries' Natural Laundry Soap. We handcrafted this chemical-free formula with restorative and sustainable minerals and ingredients. Our natural laundry soap is free of artificial fragrances, so your clothes smell fresh and clean, not like potpourri.

This handmade, small-batch detergent is comprised of baking soda, borax, and handmade coconut soap flakes. These ingredients deliver a thorough cleanse without the harsh chemicals in traditional laundry detergents, which can irritate skin and harm aquatic life once they enter our waterways.

For optimal results, we recommend using two tablespoons per load of laundry, increasing to three tablespoons for those particularly dirty items.

Lovett Sundries takes pride in making sustainable and effective products. Our chemical-free, zero-waste, and cruelty-free laundry soap offers a safer choice for you and your family and supports a healthier planet. If you're interested in sustainable cleaning products, please look at our all-natural dishwasher powder, room spray, and solid dish soap.

natural laundry soap in a tin with laundry and flowers in the background.
Laundry Soap Sale price$11.00

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Clark
Great Option for those with Allergies

I have been using this product for a month or so. Over the past few years, I developed allergies with laundry detergents including those made for those with allergies. I could not get any of the standard ones to work. I found this product and have not had any issues since using. My allergy issue is resolved. I recommend this product and will continue to use.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review. I'm so happy that our laundry soap is agreeing with you.


Love this product

best natural detergent we have found

Love this stuff! Tried it for the first time and am just back ordering lots of refills. It's a keeper! Have tried lots of natural detergents and they were all a big miss. Either too much awful perfume smell, or not *really* natural, or didnt clean the clothes at all, etc.
I use the max amount every time (our clothes just need it) and am very happy with the fresh very light scent of clean clothes. No perfume smell at all, and it is not harsh in any way on the clothes. They are nice and soft, good color, etc. This is my favorite detergent by far, natural or no!

Hi ladycocice, Thank you for taking the time to share. We used it for years on our kids' cloth diapers and I'll never go back to the 'commercial' stuff.

Great product.

I am very happy with this Laundry Detergent, I have very sensitive skin so many Laundry products give me rashes and itching. I am pleased to have found this all natural product. My clothes and linens are soft and have no chemical odor.
Again I was giving the choice of having the product sent in a sturdy brown paper bag vs another metal container.
Merit is such a joy, customer service such as we don’t see much any more.
Thank you.

Absolutely the best

This is the absolute best laundry soap! We have gone through so many different attempts to find a laundry soap that works for our family. This stuff is hands down the greatest!! And it feels good to know that we are buying something made by really cool people just a couple miles away from our home! Works great when washing in cold or hot water! Works well for gentle cycle and for the bulky towels. This stuff will clean all your clothes and leave them feeling super duper fresh!