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Natural Shampoo Bar

Sale price$10.00

Net Wt: 4.0 oz (114 g)

Embrace the natural essence of Lovett Sundries' Nature Shampoo Bar. We designed it to rejuvenate and hydrate your hair with every wash.

At its core, this natural shampoo bar is a harmonious blend of nature's finest oils: olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil.

The olive oil, revered for its moisturizing properties, promotes a hydrated scalp and healthy hair. Rich in fatty acids, coconut oil penetrates deep, offering remarkable conditioning. Finally, with its natural antibacterial prowess, castor oil fosters a healthy scalp environment, encouraging hair growth and luster.

In contrast to many store-bought shampoos laden with harsh chemicals, our shampoo bar is simple, eco-friendly, and gentle on both you and the environment.

Elevate your hair care ritual with Lovett Sundries' natural shampoo bar. It's the best choice for people seeking a sustainable yet effective haircare solution. Discover the full benefits of our hair care line with our all-natural conditioner and detoxifying charcoal soap.


Marit washing her hair with all natural shampoo bar.
Natural Shampoo Bar Sale price$10.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Nice product. Have purchased several times and is now my go to shampoo at home. Zero plastic which means no more plastic shampoo bottles headed to the landfill.

Wonderful shampoo bar

I received a sample of this in a recent order. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after using it, I’m a convert. I have long, fine hair. This shampoo bar thoroughly cleans my hair without drying it out. My hair feels fuller and looks healthier. This is an amazing product.

Thanks! We've been using it for years and will never go back to plastic bottle shampoos!

Kirsty E
Fab bar!

I was skeptical. I have a shampoo / conditioner bar set I love. I decided to try this one. This really cleans! It will be great for summer when I'm oilier. It is a tad drying so I'm glad I have a conditioner bar for my ends. Hope you come out with a conditioner bar for those of us with longer hair that need some moisture for our ends.

Thank you! A conditioner bar is pretty high up on our to-do list.

Elaine Daley
Great shampoo!

I bought this on the advice of a friend, and am so glad I did! It leaves my hair soft and shiny, and a vinegar rinse at the end just completes the process. I have tried shampoo bars before but they left my hair feeling dried out. It is great to be able to cut down on plastic waste with a product that works so well!

Delightfully surprised

I received this shampoo as a gift and after just one use, I'm hooked. I have thin, fine hair and a good shampoo is tough to find - everything weighs my hair down. I also want to be more environmentally conscientious of the products I use. This shampoo is clean, gentle on my hair, easy to rinse, no conditioner needed, and my hair feels great after blow-drying. It's unscented, but I actually love that. No added perfumes = no added chemicals. After just one use, my hair feels "fuller", which is so unexpected but really delightful (the thin/fine hair struggle is real). I'd definitely recommend it!