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Cast Iron Seasoning Oil

Sale price$15.00

Net Wt: 12 oz (340g)

Our cast iron seasoning oil is exactly the same mix of oils that we use in our cast iron conditioner but without the salt. This seasoning oil is the best way to protect and season your cast iron cookware. We recommend using it on your cast iron pans, skillets, crepe pans, Dutch ovens, garlic roasters, griddles, and grill grates.

This conditioner helps you ensure your cast iron cookware will be a cornerstone of your family's kitchen for generations. The best part is that Lovett Sundries makes it with all-natural oils and sea salt so that you can feel good about your cooking. It's truly the best way to create a natural, non-stick surface.

Whether you're new to cooking with cast iron or an experienced chef, know that Lovett Sundries makes seasoning a cinch. We do this all while keeping chemicals out of the equation!


A glass jar of cast iron seasoning oil in a bed of flowers and vegetables on a kitchen counter.
Cast Iron Seasoning Oil Sale price$15.00