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Mechanic's Soap / Gardener's Soap

Sale price$10.00

Net Wt 4.0 oz (114 g)

Lovett Sundries developed our robust mechanic's soap/gardener's soap for those who are fearless in getting their hands dirty but still care for their skin. We've paired the gentle cleaning power of olive and coconut oils with a generous dose of gritty pumice to slough off the grime of hard work and hard play.

Pure olive oil acts as a gentle moisturizer, hydrating the skin without clogging pores, while coconut oil brings its renowned skin-nourishing benefits, helping to restore your hands' natural moisture barrier. Adding finely ground pumice makes this soap a powerhouse against tough dirt and grime, effectively exfoliating without scratching or damaging the skin.

This mild yet mighty mechanic's soap/gardener's soap packs a punch without roughing up your hands, so you can dig into life all day and still get cleaned up in time for dinner.

Both soaps contain the same hardworking ingredients; simply choose which box you'd prefer 😉. We pack all of Lovett Sundries' products in eco-friendly packaging. We're committed to taking a sustainable approach to every all-natural, cruelty-free, zero-waste product we sell. If you enjoy our mechanic's soap/gardener's soap, you may also be interested in our hand & body cream and solid lotion.


Bar of gardener's soap.
Mechanic's Soap / Gardener's Soap Sale price$10.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
The best soap!!

This is my favorite soap! It cleans super well and has the perfect amount of pumice for getting off the dirt. I love how gentle it is while still being very effective! I highly recommend it!

Hi Sophie! Thank you for sharing. We love helping you clean up!


Removes everything I get on my hands, even paint, without drying them out, and it’s long lasting! What more could I ask for?

Joan Coffield

I rarely find a product that exceeds my expectations, but this one certainly does! No matter what I get on my hands: stains, paints, glues, etc., this soap removes it all! A nail brush and some water, and this removes it all. Don’t know what the magic is, but it’s amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who works with their hands. It removes it all without drying out you hands. Its remarkable!

Thanks for your kind words Joan!

Joan Coffield
Miraculous soap!

I received the gardener’s soap as a gift, and it amazes me how many things it cleans from my hands! I have been refinishing furniture lately, and no matter whether I get stain, paint, glues, etc. on my hands, this removes it all! I use it with a mail brush and my hands come out clean and soft after use. I love it!

Hi Joan, Thank you for sharing. We're so glad you're loving it!

Mechanic soap?

I really like this soap. I received a sample and I tell you, this soap is great at removing dirt from dirty hands. I really like the texture and feel that I will be using it as a body soap.