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An open screw-top tin with kraft paper label containing rich Hand & Body cream.Megan dips a finger into a fresh tin of Hand & Body Cream, scooping out a dollop to use.
Hand & Body Cream Sale priceFrom $11.00
Deodorant Sale price$14.00
Lip BalmLip Balm
Lip Balm Sale price$8.00
Aftershave BalmAftershave Balm
Aftershave Balm Sale price$16.00
Cream PomadeCream Pomade
Cream Pomade Sale price$16.00
Solid LotionSolid Lotion
Solid Lotion Sale price$12.00
Beard BalmBeard Balm
Beard Balm Sale price$18.00
Lip TintLip Tint
Lip Tint Sale price$8.00